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For our California Customers




The unique patented design was engineered with ease in mind while allowing for the exceptional durability necessary to pass rigorous government testing. The result, a product that can withstand high use, yet is easy to maintain.

If the lounge-seating fabrics become soiled or shabby, they can be quickly changed on site, without special tools or skills. A 3/16" hex wrench can help you complete the task.

A pliable moisture barrier membrane protects lounge seating foams from liquids and spills.

All lounge seating foams are of high quality and are guaranteed to retain their shape.

Fabrics are held in place with hook-and-loop closures. With the furniture disassembled, the fabric connections are easily accessible.



High-quality, carefully chosen materials ensure that our furniture looks and performs years from now as well as the day it was purchased.

All lounge seating is covered by a 25-year warranty.

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