An Exclusive Preview
zTrak Bed System loft room environment

The FULL Sleep Experience.

Featuring our patented zTrak Bed System.

Using technology from the original zTrak bed system, the Full zTrak lofted bed features the same “lift, shift, slide… done!” ease of adjustment in a premium sleep package.

A lofted 54” wide sleeping surface will revolutionize the student experience on campus.

The Double zTrak Lofted Bed Allows for:

A premium sleep experience.

  • A larger sleep surface provides an experience most students are accustomed to from home.

Increased Flexibility.

  • Rail mounted bed accessories can now be moved vertically and horizontally to allow for ultimate organization and customization for each student’s preferences.
  • The double lofted size bed system allows for maximum usable floor space.

Easy to Adjust:

Watch for more information as we get closer to the official launch of the Double zTrak Bed!