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What is BIFMA e3 LEVEL® Certification?

This certification is a multi-attributed, multi-faceted approach resulting in sustainable manufacturing within the furniture industry. Based on the BIFMA e3-Furniture Sustainability Standard, LEVEL is a third-party certification program.  The program provides manufacturers with valuable feedback to better evaluate their impact on the environmental, and also on the human population.  The program also helps manufacturers gain understanding on the social impact of their furniture products as well.  The LEVEL takes into account the manufacturing, facility, and organization impacts at all levels before granting any certification. For more information or to comment on the standard, visit, or see all the Sauder EDU certified products.

Under the LEVEL certification program, Sauder Education products and processes are evaluated based on four performance criteria:

  • Materials
  • Use of Energy
  • Atmosphere and Ecosystem Health
  • Social Responsibility