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Sauder Education® Launches zTrak Bed System

Sauder Education, a brand of Sauder® Manufacturing Co., is pleased to announce the launch of the new zTrak Bed System. The patent-pending bed system is designed to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to adjust, assemble or disassemble loft and bunk beds in student rooms.

With traditional bed systems complete disassembly is required to make height adjustments, many times leading to maintenance requests being submitted or students becoming frustrated juggling furniture pieces while creating their perfect room set-up.

zTrak changes what was physically cumbersome for residence life staff or students into a quick, simple and economical process to manage.

Lift, Shift, Slide…done! It’s really that easy. See for yourself in this video!

The zTrak Bed System with zLok requires no mallet, in fact no tools are required. With only two people needed, simply lift, shift and slide into place. Start to finish, adjustments can be completed within 2 minutes. Other benefits include:

  • Easy Adjustment – no tools required and no more juggling bed ends
  • Significant Time Savings – adjusts in 1/3 of the time compared to a traditional bed system
  • Reduced Operating Expenses – staff can more efficiently adjust bed heights as needed for moving days, conferences and events
  • Improved Safety – Alleviates frustration and strain with less effort required to adjust

All zTrak models are available with or without zLok. The zLok spring base and stabilizer bar have locking knobs that turn to secure and release the components, creating a truly toolless system. Residence Halls with existing Sauder Education traditional beds can be retrofitted to include zLok. Contact your local sales representative to explore the various options now available.   

To accommodate student sleep preferences and storage needs, zTrak is available in  Jr. loft, Loft and Bunk configurations with up to five sleep positions. The easy-to-locate attachment positions simplify adjustment and are strategically placed based on the most popular study and storage options available in the Sauder Education casegood lines, allowing the furniture to fit comfortably underneath.

zTrak is available in finishes to match the casegood collections from Sauder Education. Sauder Manufacturing Co. uses a 2-step polyurethane finish system that provides the ultimate in wood protection against moisture, cleaning solutions, abrasion and ultraviolet exposure.

The zTrak Bed System is 100% made in North America, with the wood components being produced, assembled and finished in the Sauder Manufacturing, Co. facility in Archbold, OH.

The zTrak bed system is available through Sauder Education’s competitively awarded contract with E&I Cooperative Services. E&I is the only member owned, non-profit purchasing cooperative focused solely on serving the needs of the education community. For more information, visit the Sauder Education contract page on the E&I website.

For additional information, please contact your local sales representative or visit the zTrak product page to get downloads, watch video and view specifications.

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