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E&I Contract Continues

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We are pleased to announce a five-year extension with E&I Cooperative.

“Over the last five years of this partnership, we seen the benefits provided to our customers, and we are excited to see how we can help members going forward.”

– Zac Zimmerman, National Sales Manager

This announcement builds on the existing relationship between E&I Cooperative and Sauder Education to help E&I members save time, control costs, and optimize their procurement processes. With domestic manufacturing investments, Sauder Education focuses on internal improvements to better serve the customer, including shorter lead times, enhanced quality control, and a continued focus on sustainability.

Rally Wedges in library setting, with power and ottomans

Sauder Education is committed to Making Environmentally Friendly Contract Furniture for College Campuses.

The uniqueness of our renewability and replacement system significantly extends the life of furniture, ultimately reducing contributions to the waste on our planet.

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